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Pickle and Co Fibres is a micro Australian hand dyed yarn and fibre business, specializing in unique and bright colour blends and hand spun yarns. 

All colourways are dyed with care and love by the owner, Marnie Milnes, in Woody Point, QLD.

Pickle and Co Fibres stocks a selection of hand dyed commercially spun yarn of varying weights, hand dyed fibre in one-of-a-kind and repeatable colourways, hand spun yarns and some shibori dyed items.  If you are looking for a local and unique yarn to use for your next project, whether is it knitting, crochet or weaving, then you are sure to find what you need here!
 Other than the hand dyed Pickle and Co Fibres yarns, you will find on-sale commercial yarns from companies such as Sweet Georgia, O-Wool, Vegan Yarn, Woolganic and Be Sweet.  All of these yarns have been heavily discounted to 40 - 50% of the recommended retail price and will not be restocked.
If you have any questions regarding any of the yarns on this site, please feel free to contact me!


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