An Introduction

March 12, 2017

An Introduction

Well hi there, and welcome to Pickle and Co Fibres’ first blog post! I am hoping to use this as an opportunity to introduce this humble little business and myself!

 My name is Marnie and Pickle and Co Fibres is a result of my fibre journey and time spent falling in love with yarn, wool and everything that goes along with it. Please forgive me if you have heard any of this before, but I am going to tell the story of how my hand dyed business came to be and who are you supporting if you purchase from me.

My beautiful Grandma June, who was a crochet and sewing champion, taught me to crochet when I was quite young – around 6 or so. I took quickly to it and dabbled a bit with granny squares and blankets over my younger years. Crochet was put on the back burner when my professional career as nurse commenced and most of my time was swallowed up with this and an an active personal life spent training and competing for many sports.

 The next bit is where a couple of little uncomfortable truth bombs will be dropped, but this is an important part of the Pickle and Co Fibres story, so please bear with me!

 In my late 20’s I decided on making some changes to my career and subsequently joined the military. After a couple of years, I found myself in horrible situation of being injured, requiring multiple surgeries and a LOT of time off work. I was also far away from my family and friends, very isolated and unsupported in city far away from home. I was lonely, in constant pain, having to adapt to a massive change in my physical condition and capabilities and deeply unhappy.

 (ADDIT - It is only due to the courage of other injured and hurt military folk and their openness with the media regarding the treatment of veterans that I feel even remotely comfortable talking about this time. It is an unfortunate thing that I feel confident in saying that there are many veterans out there who can identify with my experience of being injured and then isolated from any support in their time of need, but this is the truth of the matter. The processes and the way that they are undertaken are far from holistic and can be dehumanizing, cruel and hurtful even though they are conducted attempting to be helpful and rehabilitative. I had almost my whole identity stripped away from me at this time.)

 I had found myself in a deeply unfamiliar situation, having always been pretty hale and hearty to this point. I had always been able to do whatever physical things that I set my mind to, had competed at high levels in various sports, identified as an athlete and then found myself unable to do just about anything. I found myself without work to prop me up, on sick leave, alone much of the time and without the ability to train, with even walking small distances being difficult and painful.

 That is a summary of this awful period, which although by far the worst time in my life, did start of this fibre journey. As I had previously lived a life where I was used to being busy, I came around to the thought that perhaps I should pick up the hook again and keep myself occupied with some crochet. And thank goodness I did, as doing so and keeping myself busy, finding little ways to challenge myself with learning new crochet techniques, probably kept the remnants of my sanity intact! I’ll be honest and say that I probably got a little obsessed with yarn and developed quite the embarrassing stash. I then developed quite a little collection of crocheted items, so started selling them at some local markets as a hobby.

As my “work” continued, I started to develop an interest in high quality and ethical yarns, which led to the commencement of the Indie Yarn Store, where I sold yarn brands that I admired (and coveted). Some of the remains of this store are still available here at very reduced prices, so check those out if you would like a bargain! While I was trading as the Indie Yarn Store, I was learning about hand dyeing yarn and hand spinning. My interest slowly morphed more towards my own work and due to this, Pickle and Co Fibres started as my own brand, and here I am now - with a business that is entirely happy and filled to the brim with love for all things creative and fibre related, born from a period of time that was far from good.  The pretty alright result, I reckon!

 So, that is the Pickle and Co Fibres story in a small nutshell. As the owner, I wanted to let you know who are supporting when you buy from this little business. You are supporting firstly, a mad fibre enthusiast who still has a long way to go on her joyous fibre journey, but also an injured military vet who uses this home based business as a way to balance work and my physical needs/injuries. In this matter, I am very lucky and very thankful, as I adore fibre arts and gather a great deal of joy from the small day-to-day activities in this business.   This little business helped to give me back a purpose and meaning, so to my current and future customers – thank you for your support and I hope that Pickle and Co Fibres brings you as much fibre love and creativity that it brings me!