June - The Origin Story

October 25, 2017

June - The Origin Story

It's time to introduce the origin of June!

June is a really, really special colourway. 

It's special because it is named after my Grandma - June. 

My Grandma was a truly spectacular lady.  She was incredibly talented in many ways, but I always find myself thinking about the many crafts that she did.  Her crochet and sewing were exceptional and I have seen so many pictures of amazing dresses and other clothing that she made for my Mum and my aunts.   I even have in my possession, an incredible crocheted dress that my Mum wore when she was younger - although I am sure she could still pull it off now if she wanted to!

(Big thanks to the husband so holding this glorious garment up for me)

Grandma June also was a very talented potter.  I have many childhood memories of all of the kids tinkering around in the pottery shed, which was huge and filled to the brim with fascinating things, like buckets of glaze, clay and tools.

As well as her clever crafting, which to be honest, was so amazing that it definitely crosses well into the art, my Grandma had also been a nurse and was very well traveled.  Both her and my Grandad Bert, had a particular love of Japan, which also inspired them in both cooking and pottery.

She was also very funny!  One of my favourite memories is when I was about 17 and we were at a shopping centre together and had to use the restroom.  We ended up in stalls next to each other and my handbag was on the floor (yuck, I know, it would NEVER happen now).  My Grandma reached under the stall wall and tried to pinch my bag, which of course prompted quite the angry response from me (who did not even put it together that it was Grandma playing a joke on me and not someone trying to thieve my crappy handbag!).  I figured it out when I heard the sniggering behind the wall beside me...

So, it must be pretty clear, if you have read any of my previous blog posts, that I am a little crap at writing well or expressing my emotions.... But I will do my best. 

My Grandma was so wonderful and so loved.  Obviously she was very talented, smart and witty but this hardly encapsulates her.  She was also so strong, she held our family together so tightly.  And generous, she was remarkably generous with people and spoilt us kids SO MUCH at Christmas. So much happiness was had at my Grandparents house at Bowen.

If I had to describe Grandma June in a single adjective it would be gracious.  She was a gracious and strong woman.

So, again, June is named after my Grandma, a wonderful woman.  Always loved and remembered.