Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dye or spin to order?

Absolutely!  In fact, I recommend requesting a custom dye for large orders, especially if you are looking to make a big item such as a sweater.

Please refer to my Yarn and Fibre Base Page for information on the bases you can request.  If I do not have the base you are after, please feel free to contact me and we can see what can be done.  Be aware that this may involve delays due to shipping or that I may not always be able to obtain the base you want.

While I am very happy to dye or spin an order for you, it does need to be within my capabilities as a sole trader and I may not be able to help you in every case.  Additionally, I can not knit or crochet you items as these are not my focus or my forte, but I may be able to direct you to someone who can.

Can I come and see ALL the yarn?

Again, absolutely!  If you would not mind the trip to Woody Point, we can make an appointment that suits both of us for you to visit the "yarn cave".  Please be aware that the cave is at my home and you will have to also meet the cats and dog.  And sometimes the husband.  

Alternatively, you can come to the next market I will be attending - most of the yarn and fibre usually comes with me to those.

Is there are way to purchase other than through the webstore or Etsy?

Yes. I can send you an invoice that provides payment options including;

               - Paypal

               - Direct Deposit

If you come directly to the yarn cave, you will be able to pay via cash or a Paypal / Square reader.  Please let me know if you need to pay by card in advance, if possible, so I can charge up a reader!

At markets you can pay by cash and credit card via either a Paypal or Square reader.

How often do you post?

I try to be prompt and get to the Post Office (Australia Post) on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's, but please be aware that life sometimes does not go to plan and I may be very slightly delayed.

If you require prompt postage, please contact me and let me know.  I'll do my best to help you out!

What happens if I am not satisfied with Pickle and Co Fibres?

I would be so sorry to hear so and I appreciate feedback!   Please contact me, as I am sure that a happy result can be achieved with communication.  I very much want you to be happy with your yarn or fibre!

It is important for you to read the Return and Refunds Policy on the (Terms and Conditions page) and make yourself familiar with it.

I have a pattern with yarn sizes / needle sizes that I am unfamiliar with - can you help?

You betcha!  While I am far from an expert, I am very happy to help out in any way I can.  Under the Tips and Tricks Page, there are conversion tables which give you Australia, American and British knitting needle and hook sizes, as well as yarn gauge terminology.

What about collaborations?

I am totally open for collaborations with knitting / crochet designers, weavers or other fibre producers!  

I am very keen to support and work with other small businesses and would love to hear from you if you are interested in collaborating.