This page is here to explain some of the terms that may sound unfamiliar or confusing to craft loving folk! There are also needle and hook conversion charts, as well as a yarn sizing chart.

If you ever come across a term that you do not understand or have questions about, please feel free to contact me.  I am also very open to suggestions for additions to this page!

ARAN - Aran is a term that is sometimes interchangable with worsted weight.  It essentially equals an Australian 10ply yarn.

DK - Double Knitted.  In Australia, this more or less equals an 8ply yarn weight.

FINGERING / SOCK - These are weights, that more or less, equal an Australian 4ply yarn.  These is contention about whether these weights are the same, but on this site, they refer essentially to a 4ply yarn.

LACE - Lace weight equals approximately a 2ply yarn weight in Australian terms.

OOAK - One Of A Kind.  These are generally skeins and braids of fibre that I have colour experimented on.  They also may be colourways that I am trying to come up with a name for...  OOAK's may be replicated, but will never be exactly the same as the original.

WOOLEN - A woolen hand spun yarn is a lofty, fluffy yarn that is less shiny that one that has been worsted spun.  It is also often reported to be warmer, due to more air being trapped between the fibres, than a worsted spun yarn.

WORSTED - Worsted has two seperate meanings.  When the term worsted is used in regards to yarn weight, it essentially equals an Australian 10ply.  In spinning terms, a worsted spin means that the yarn has been spun in a smoother, less lofty fashion and is often slick and shiny.