Yarn Conversion Chart

Yarn Size Conversion Chart

Yarn/wool sizing conversions is more or less a simply process once you wrap your head around the terminology. Some establishments use the 8 ply as the standard weight for knitting/crocheting yarn, while others state that this is either worsted or aran weight.  The table below can aid you in navigating these terms if you are unfamiliar.

Please note, however, ply can refer to size of the yarn and also how many individual strands are “plied” to make a whole, complete yarn (think spinning two or more strands of yarn together to make the yarn that you will then use to make a garment).  Generally, higher plies make a stronger yarn.

Australian Sizing Terms

US sizing Terms

2 ply

Lace weight


Fingering weight

5 - 6ply

Sport weight

8 ply

Double Knitting (DK) weight

10 ply

Aran / Worsted weight

12 ply

Chunky weight